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Rub Kandy
stencil on poster, 3/2015
assistant fotographer: Fabiana Belmonte, Andrea Nolè



see you in Zurich tomorrow...




Exhibition: March 7–27, 2015
Opening: Friday, March 6, 6pm
Round Table: Friday, March 27, 8pm
Opening hours: Thursday – Sunday, 2–6 pm
Gasthaus zum Bären/Museum Bärengasse, Zurich

11 project spaces – 11 art works – 11 ways

In order to expose the broad scope of ways, motivations and pay-offs of getting involved with contemporary art, the Postgraduate Programme in Curating has invited eleven project spaces and curatorial teams to the Gasthaus zum Bären in Zurich.

By reversing the evocative slogan of artist Antoni Muntadas Perception Requires Involvement, the exhibition title aims to allude to the close relation of social awareness, knowledge production and image circulation. The intention is to show various ways by which the discussion of topics relevant for today’s society is translated into the sphere of contemporary art and back.

Each curatorial initiative is given one of the eleven rooms at the Gasthaus zum Bären. Each of them will elaborate their approach in dialogue with an art work. The term “art work“ is understood in a broad sense, stretching from objects to social sculptures and other experimental formats. All eleven participants are self-organized and as part of the exhibition are asked to provide an insight on how they run.

The participating project spaces include:
100plus (Zurich, CH), bblackboxx (Basel, CH), CENTER (Berlin, D), DIENSTGEBÄUDE (Zurich, CH), eggn’spoon (Zurich, CH), Gasconade (Milan, I), HACIENDA (Zurich, CH), LULU (Mexico City, MEX), Raum  (Bern, CH), SALTS (Basel, CH), VACANT (Tokyo, JP­)

The participating artists include:
Copa & Sordes, bblackboxx no border academy,
Clémence de La Tour du Pin, Mathis Gasser, Colin Guillemet, Beat Huber, Aron Kullander-Östling, Antoine Renard, Mimmo Rubino, Jonas Schnyder, Rosalie Schweiker, et al.

A project by the Postgraduate Programme in Curating:
Mona Liem Adinegoro, Tenzing Barshee, Mariana Bonilla, Frédéric Bron, Francesca Brusa, Cindy Hertach, Milena Isler, Raphael Karrer, Nadine Lopez, Giulia Magnani, Alejandro Mondria, Cordelia Oppliger, Atalja Reichlin, Carolin Reichmann, Anja Soldat, Eleonora Stassi, Franziska Stern-Preisig, Makiko Takahashi
Concept by: Dorothee Richter and Mirjam Bayerdörfer

WE TRUST. Reportage from Forde Gallery, Geneva.

Rub Kandy, WE TRUST (Flag)
Handprinted Flag 2,5x2,5m
6/2014, Rue de la Coulouvrenière, Galerie d'art Forde, Geneva.


Rub Kandy, WE TRUST (wall)
Paint on wall 2,5x2,5 m,
6/2014, Galerie d'art Forde, Geneva.


Gianni Motti Intervention 
Invisible ink
6/2014, Galerie d'art Forde, Geneva.



WE TRUST, Curated by Elena Montesinos and Nicolas Wagnières

"Le team FORDE 2012-2014 organise le dernier événement de son mandat, armé d’un regard alternatif et vrillé sur l’âpre thématique de l’argent teinté de conspiration –un événement d’ailleurs réalisé sans un sou - avant de passer le témoin à l'équipe suivante, début juillet.
‘’WE TRUST’’ se déroulera le mardi 17 juin entre 18h et 23h, simultanément FORDE pour la présentation du fanzine ‘’WE TRUST’’



Today I love Surfing Soweto

December 2006
'Surfing' on top of speeding trains is the ultimate adrenaline experience for South Africa's disillusioned youth. It's illegal, dangerous and has already killed hundreds. 

"I always wanted to be a stuntman", explains 'Bitch Nigga'. He doesn't just surf trains. He ducks bridges, does push ups and has come up with his own entertainment routine, performed from the top of a racing train. Most of the surfers come from broken homes. They spend their days drinking, smoking and teaching each other the latest train surfing techniques.