Camping Italia

Standard & Poor's
by Rub Kandy, 12/2014
Spray, Photography, Postproduction

Collaborator, location scout: Angelo Sabatiello
Thanks to: Francesca Tricca, Francesca Vinciarelli

B/W Reportage by Vito Cortese

"Each artist has a certain agenda, a way through which his or her work can be translated into something meaningful and thought-provoking. in regards to mimmo rubino, this has meant researching the boundaries of visual identity and ways to live and build art. the quest has led to the development of a project titled ‘Standard & Poor’s (Italia Mobile). The experimental project combines the mediums of spray paint and photography. ’as usual I have no clear results. just some pictures to show what I’m doing in this ‘middle land’, mixing up paint, photography and friends,’ says Rubino. three caravans have been painted to replicate the color scheme of the country’s flag. the added hues bring life to the site, intervening to contrast the surrounding remnants and unwanted goods."

jobs/faiths act

succedeva un anno fa...
VIRGINIANA MILLER | VENGA IL REGNO | Lettera di San Paolo agli operai

"credo nel partito comunista e nei pink floyd / credo in gesù cristo il redentore e in berlinguer"

in autumn for free

Rub Kandy, 11/2014

collaborators: Vito Cortese, Francesca Tricca, Fablab SPQwoRk Roma
model: Francesca Vinciarelli